Undefeated and Disrespected Florida State Seeks ACC Championship


A punching bag of a team seeks the final validation in the ACC Championship as Florida State (12-0) seeks to beat Georgia Tech (10-2).  From a quarterback who causes his own problems to the committee of thirteen consistently downgrading them, an undefeated record would force their presence in the Final Four no matter how the win was obtained.  Will it be a close game tonight and whom will take the ACC crown?  We at Apxe Football hope to provide illumination for your wagering on this tonight at America’s Bookie.

Early Road Woes Could Roar Up

Florida State has had their struggles from the get to on the road.  Jameis has seventeen interceptions which have certainly derailed the margins of victory that FSU have gotten.  Their defense has suffered as a result of the poor field position these road gaffes have caused.  Even though they can stiffen, point totals of 41,31, and 31 have exposed a chilling weakness that Georgia Tech could exploit.


October is Long Ago

Two losses by a combined eleven points is what held Tech back from national prominence.  It took a while for their triple option attack to gain traction but it did overcome even the level of athletes on a Georgia Bulldog team.  Can they keep the Florida State defense on the field and wear them out?  Laskey and Days have nearly identical rushing stats so it is very difficult to gameplan because of the dual threats seen.  Experience is at no degree of separation between these two squads.  Florida State has big game knowledge while Georgia Tech relies on a lot of juniors and seniors to get the job done.  The clock is ticking on them so Tech should really be keyed up early.

Exotic wagers are ones that we have to be more certain on because of the increased vig.  While first half wagering is not anything new, it does not have the reduced juice option seen at some books.  Out of all the lines like FSU -4, we like the first half ML for Georgia Tech.  The early road woes for FSU will continue and even if they can win the game in the end, they have a great chance of being down early.  Go with this play and enter Sunday with more profit for your trouble.