Wagering on Who Makes it to Football’s Final Four

One would label it more as garnering a berth than qualifying for football’s final four.  Odds are out as the speculation ramps up on whom makes it in.  We will look at not only who leads the pack in popularity but with what percentage of the total money was bet on those teams.  Join us here at APEX Football Betting as we know go over whom the early money thinks will duke it out at the end for the National Championship.

Number of Bets Verses Percentage of Money Wagered

Some of the favorites are logical in leading the money wagered category.  Ohio State is near a 2/5 favorite to make the final four so it stands to reason that it would take a lot to win something respectable on them.  Some of the other patterns that have been unearthed are what can be coined as the sharp approach to this wager style.

Heavy Hitting On Georgia and Baylor

  • Baylor and Georgia are not in the top ten in number of bets
  • But the Bears got over two percent of the money bet while the Bulldogs eclipsed the three percent mark.

Both Baylor and Georgia are 4/1 in this wager.  Not the shortest of money but nowhere near the longshot that means utter bankroll management.  On the opposite side of the spectrum, Florida State and Michigan were in the top ten in number of bets but are nowhere near the favorite to make it.  The money on them is less than the two others mentioned.  Interesting patterns are developing for this future.

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