What Must Baylor Do?

For a second year, the committee of thirteen have slapped the Big 12.  With a bee in their bonnet, the #6 team in the land in the only poll that counts takes the field at Kansas State.  Tonight with a new quarterback, they are only spotting seventeen at K-State.  One of the best cashing machines for football wagering takes action on Thursday night.  Which side does APEX Football Betting favor in this one?

Slammed into the Wall

K-State is experiencing a new level of futility under Bill Snyder.  They were game against TC but then attrition got to them.  Thin ranks and not enough top tier talent had them get blown out against both Oklahoma and Texas.  With Baylor getting at least 45 points a game, do you think that just missing their quarterback can derail a Bears attack against this clearly declining program?


  • Shock Linwood is near 1k in yards.
  • Terrence Williams has over four hundred yards on the ground running it

This is more than enough to keep the juggernaut going.  Maybe a first quarter fade to get the new signal callers’ feet wet but that is it  Psychology plays such a role in college football.  Baylor relishes running it up after decades of being on the wrong end.  This committee action is the best thing to happen for the handicappers.  Take the Bears minus seventeen in this one.